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Most of us think Heaven is a place about which we can only imagine. Answers on Heaven helps Christians understand Heaven in a way where we can do more than just imagine it. We do this by providing more than answers; we show you how the Bible portrays Heaven as a story with a screenplay.


We know it can be hard to wrap your mind around Heaven, and have helped hundreds of Christians learn how the Bible describes our glorious destiny. When you understand Heaven you can begin doing what Jesus said--seeking it first on earth. We believe that understanding Heaven can impact how you live on earth.

Answers on Heaven is led by Dr. Jared Wellman, author of "Revealing Things of Heaven: God's Screenplay for Eternity." Jared has studied Heaven for the better part of his ministry. In the book Jared shares what he calls a biblical "screenplay" for Heaven, which has been reviewed, edited, and approved by doctors in theology, helping to shape it into an accurate portrayal of Heaven from the scriptures.

As a pastor, Jared's goal is to make Heaven understandable to the average church member. He gets how daunting theology can be for Christians, and so he developed Answers on Heaven as a practical tool for Christians so they can get excited about their eternal home. 


By subscribing to Answers on Heaven you will: 1. Join a community of believers who are seeking to understand their eternal home; 2. Get access to biblical and practical insights about Heaven in your email box; and 3. Learn how to understand Heaven yourself, so you can begin seeking it better on earth.

Christians will live in Heaven forever, but our lack of understanding can result in a boredom that keeps us from living for it today. Jesus wants us to build our treasures in Heaven, something that's difficult to do if we don't know anything about it. Once you learn how the Bible describes Heaven, you can begin spending your time on earth building your treasures in Heaven, a place where moths don't eat, rust doesn't destroy, and thieves don't break in and steal. 

Subscribe to Answers on Heaven today and begin preparing for eternity. You'll get more than answers. You'll find understanding. And your walk with God will be better because of it.